Greeting of the President

  "Make our dreams extensive"

   It is an extensive dream that seems to be impossible with each individual small ability.
First of all, it is taking over of immeasurably precious cultural assets that predecessors left us to the present age, and that leaving them to the next generation as a valuable spiritual nourishment.
   Nagaoka has a great history that other cities hardly ever have. Its heritage has unfortunately changed figures during the two thoroughly absolute devastation with two wars, however some of them has barely remained its appearance until now against the severe current of history.
   The typical one is: "Warehouse of Kote-E" in Kina saffron brewing company, that has brilliant beauty and dignity unique in the world. It has several buildings and Japanese garden that are deployed along with the warehouse.
   When we think insight into the liquor having produced there, these precious treasures remind us of the fact that not only they are made with traditional techniques and construction methods but also they tells us a hilosophy and basic concept the founder, Yoshizawa Nitarou had.
   It is thought as "philosophy of innovation" in word in current usage. The large dream that many citizens have retained a strong interest is just a leaving the precious cultural assets to the next generation.
Now the previous activity of citizens has finally led a city's decision to conserve the heritage to future. This decision gives us a new responsibility and issues for the future.
   A lot of guests have visited here for these four years. Hearts of guests, Nagaokayan, Japanese people, and visitors from all over the world have been charmed with these treasures. We will continue drawing our dream greatly from now on.

The first president, Kyou Toyoguchi

(Translator, Kasuga, bears the responsibility for this English translation of the original message the president wrote in Japanese.)


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