The OKKOKO Settaya Fair ( 2019/10/05 )
On 5th October, Saturday, an annual event, one of the regional festival, is held from 10AM to 3PM in Settaya area including the Kina-Saffron Shu.
A large company sign board made of wood carving will be displayed temporary
for the first time in eight years. It is said one of the longest company sign made of wood carving in Japan. You will find an extramely distinguished skill of carving.
For further information, please contact us at the e-mail address shown 
below. We will get back in touch with you shortly.

Regarding free guide :
We provide a guide tour in Kina-Saffron Shu for a half an hour to an hour
on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in non-snow season.
There is no additional guiding fee for this volunteer service. However,  
please help us raise funds for Kina-Saffron Shu salvation support donation
more than 200 yen per person.	
Some of the volunteer guide members can speak English.
They welcome both individuals and group.
Member in a group is preferably up to six (6) people for safety.
You can request a guide for a tour on several different days and
times within two (2) months in advance of the requested dates.
Please note that we cannot fulfill all the requests we received 
due to seasonal demands and the availability of volunteer guides. 
Please teach us the following items. 
You will receive an email from a guide when he / she comes available.		
(1) Your name ( and your group name)
(2) Your e-mail address
(3) Preferable days and times you are planning on
(4) Individuals or number of person in your group
(5) If possible, please inform us of your favorite things 
  in Settaya or Nagaoka, history, art, industries including
  the fermentation industry, and so on.
  This information would help us to make a guide-tour more delighted.

E-mail :

The citizens group that want conservation for the old buildings and garden
Bureau   Hirasawa Masaaki
 940-1105 4−6−33 Settaya, Nagaoka city
TEL (+81)-80-9028-2580 FAX None

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