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This file shows easy-to-use instruction for English version of web page "kina-saffron.com" .
The web-page intends to present an extensive information of "The citizens group that want conservation for the old buildings and garden", firstly for public relations and secondly for assistance of visitors both real and future or web.
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There is a greeting of the president of the group, Mr. Kyou TOYOGUCHI, a professor emeritus and the first president of The Nagaoka Institute of Design. We would appreciate it if you would read the message and understand our thought.

〇 Fascinations of Settaya area

Settaya area has various fascinations concerning not only accumulated place of fermentation industry but also a lot of historical stories deeply related to important historical events in Japanese history, plentiful nature accessible in a short time from the center of city, unique folk culture, and so on. Of course, popular topics regarding art and literature exist. These are where sightseeing visitors are fascinated without exception. Also, it is the same for Nagaoka city.
This web-page contains wide range of topics and stories with regard to the previously listed items about Settaya and Nagaoka.
We are very pleased if you enjoy these topics and stories.

〇 Site map of the web-page

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〇 "Saffron story" and "Settaya story" sections

Both sections propose short introduction of the Kina-Saffron brewery and the Settaya town. In the Settaya story section, "a walking route and access map" and "a sample route guide in the Settaya town about two hours-walking" are prepared.

〇 "Messages from guides" section

In this section, there are several information not only for the Kina-Saffron brewery and the Settaya town, but for the broad area Nagaoka sightseeing information. They might be included informal messages, however "Messages from guides" rather introduce important subjects that you should know to understand Settaya and Nagaoka more simply and more deeply.
This section is divided into six categories shown
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in a figure right.
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In the "Around Town" category, some topics for the broad area Nagaoka sightseeing information exist. In particular, in the first chapter "1. General sightseeing guide inside the city", several historical subjects occurred on Nagaoka are mentioned.