Brief information for personal tour planning

We think it is ideal to provide a comprehensive guidebook for guests in advance, and to help the guests to be able to ask staffs their concern during the tour. Although the amount of information is not enough, we would be happy if you could understand high-scarcity-value of the Settaya area.

Here we provide several short notes with planning visit Settaya town and Yoshino-gawa Brewery exhibition facility (Joh-gura) guide

Contents Revision Note
Settaya strolling guide (Short info.) 2020/02/24 G
Settaya tour guide (Detail info.) 2019/07/01 G
Yoshino-gawa Joh-gura guide 2020/02/27 G

Followings are lists of brief PDF files describing sightseeing information for Kina-saffron-Shu brewery, in particular regarding the Kote-E interpretation.

Contents Revision Note
Guidebook_Vol_1 Omoya, Kina-saffron-Shu_brewery 2020/02/28 T
Guidebook_Vol_2 Kote-E, Kina-saffron-Shu_brewery 2020/02/28 T
Guidebook_Vol_3 Garden, Kina-saffron-Shu_brewery 2020/03/14 S
Guidebook_Vol_4 Annex, Kina-saffron-Shu_brewery 2020/03/14 S
Guidebook_Vol_5, Appendix Glossary 2020/03/14 S
Introduction Kina-saffron-Shu brewery 2019/07/25 S
A pictorial map of the founder's wish embodied in Kote-E 2020/02/28 S
The founder's wish embodied in Kote-E 2019/06/30 S


In this web page, Nagaoka sightseeing information is included besides Settaya strolling information. Several general sightseeing guides inside the city have been prepared.
First, one-stop guides, a five-page essence of Nagaoka sightseeing spots guide. and a 21-page additional individual information.
Nagaoka is well known as the town of two stories, "Always on the battlefield and One hundred sacks of rice". Then next introducing these stories of "Always on the battlefield and One hundred sacks of rice", including brief description of Nagaoka history. I would be grad if these information could help your first trip to Nagaoka.